Work Health & Safety (WHS) Audit

Work Health & Safety (WHS) Audit

Work Health & Safety (WHS) Audit

Pinnacle HR is currently conducting WHS Audits to help ensure our members’ systems are robust and compliant with current legislation.

The WHS Act 2012 was effective from 1 January 2013

Five Key Questions for Employers

  • Are you aware of how the Act applies to your organisation?

  • Are your WHS systems compliant with the Act?

  • Are you aware of the significant penalties for non-compliance?

  • How do you know if you are compliant?

  • Where can you get answers?

Why Undertake an Audit?

Reviewing WHS systems is a core element of risk management. The purpose of the Audit is to evaluate your organisation’s systems for managing risks within your organisation and how they are measured and controlled to reduce the likelihood of injuries to workers and other visitors to your workplace.

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