Public Holidays in SA 2020

Public Holidays in South Australia 2020

Public Holidays in SA 2020

There are 13 full and part-day proclaimed Public Holidays in South Australia in 2020. Please refer to this PDF.

Most of you will be currently processing pay runs that include the Australia Day Public Holiday. Please note that as Australia Day (26th of January) fell on a Sunday this year BOTH the Sunday and Monday attract Public Holiday rates of pay for any employees who worked hours on either or both of those days.

This rule also generally applies to New Year’s Day (1st of January), Christmas Day (25th of December) and ANZAC Day (25th of April) when they fall on a Sunday.

This year though NYD was a Wednesday and Christmas Day will be a Friday so Australia Day is the only Public Holiday where this rule applies this year.

Other things to note in 2020:

  • ANZAC Day (25th of April) falls on a Saturday this year so the Saturday is the Public Holiday. There is no additional Monday Public Holiday in 2020.
  • Boxing Day/Proclamation Day (26th December) falls on a Saturday this year however the following Monday (28th of December) is the Public Holiday. Normal rates apply on the Saturday.
  • The Proclamation for the March Public Holiday – Adelaide Cup Day is only until 2020 so we await confirmation as to the future of that Public Holiday for 2021.

It is also important to remember for 2020 as with other years that there are two part-day Public Holidays:

  • Christmas Eve (24th of December) 7pm – Midnight, and
  • New Year’s Eve (31st of December) 7pm – Midnight.

Each State of Australia has its own Proclaimed Public Holidays and its own rules as to how each is treated. SafeWork SA issues information about SA Public Holidays.

Please do not solely rely on information that comes from the Fair Work Commission website or included in Modern Federal Awards as these do not contain the specific information relevant to South Australia.

Please also refer to your Enterprise Agreement, if you have one, to confirm if there are any additional rules that apply to Public Holidays that have been negotiated at your workplace. If in doubt please call or email Pinnacle HR.