Human Resources

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is never an easy thing to do, and often managers can find themselves to be too emotionally involved in the process due to the nature of the working relationships and find it difficult to be ‘objective’, or that the issue is too complex for their level of experience or skills.

Pinnacle HR can offer Consultants who are highly skilled in handling these types of situations for employers. We can be totally ‘hands-on’ in executing the processes required, from start to finish, or we can be available when needed to provide support to a manager as they facilitate the process.

In whatever capacity you choose to engage us, we can ensure that the process is compliant with legislation and doesn’t run the risk of becoming ‘discriminatory’ or ‘harassing’.

We will also provide the employer with practical support and information that will allow them to make considered decisions on appropriate outcomes, based on legal and moral obligations, to both their employees and their business needs.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Human Resource Operational Support

Many employers today, particularly within the ‘not-for-profit’ and/or small business sectors, do not have the financial resources to hire a dedicated and experienced HR professional to manage their human resources and industrial relations.

This function often falls to the proprietor of the business, or individual managers/team leaders of an organisation, who usually do not have the knowledge or experience required to effectively and legally handle even seemingly ‘simple’ HR/IR issues.

Pinnacle HR provides its member employers with a free phone support service for those simple issues, however we go a giant step further in our offer to provide a ‘dedicated’ Consultant to work with an employer, on-site, for an agreed period of time under a 12-month Service Agreement.

The agreed period of time can be negotiated to suit the needs of the business, for example: one day per week; two days per week; one full week per month; one full week per two months. When not working with the employer on-site, the ‘dedicated’ Consultant is still available to provide support to the employer via phone or email, at any time.

This is a very effective way of securing the services of a highly knowledgeable and experienced HR practitioner for a fraction of the cost of a HR Manager’s salary at market rates, or in fact Pinnacle HR’s hourly rate for our Consultants’ work.

The annual fee for this service is very reasonable. Please give a call to discuss your needs – this could be the right fit for your business!

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Pinnacle HR offers an extensive range of training courses to our clients. These are delivered by a qualified trainer who ensures the course content is accurate and relevant at all times.

Throughout the year, topical training sessions are scheduled and open to our client base. These sessions are held within our offices at Hutt Street Adelaide.

Alternatively, our trainer will conduct training on-site at an employer’s workplace, and ‘tailor’ the course content to ensure it meets the employer’s specific needs. We will also develop training courses for employers if our standard courses do not address a specific need.

Typically, our training courses address: Poor Performance and Disciplinary Processes; Managing Difficult or Challenging Personalities; Undertaking Performance Reviews; Conflict Resolution; Bullying and Harassment; WHS Responsibilities (including Boards of management); Hazard ID and Risk Assessment.

Call today and talk to our trainer about your organisation’s learning and development needs.

Executive Recruitment

Pinnacle HR provides an executive recruitment service to our clients, at a flat rate that is very competitive in comparison to ‘mainstream’ recruitment agencies.

We understand the importance of finding good managers and have successfully filled positions at the top levels of management, including CEOs.

Our recruitment service is flexible to your needs, from facilitating and managing the entire recruitment process, to simply providing assistance and support to managers throughout the process, as requested.

Our recruitment consultant can also be available to participate in the interview and selection process, to provide your interview panel with a HR perspective and a non-biased view external to the organisation.

Please call when next you need to fill a management position. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a comprehensive proposal for your consideration.

Current Executive Recruitment – Positions Available

Executive Salary Reviews

Executive Salary Reviews are available for organisations. Pinnacle HR believes that Salary Packages should be regularly reviewed.

Salary Packaging Reviews are primarily undertaken for Chief Executive Officers and Senior Management but are also extended to other staff. It is a way of ensuring employees are appropriately rewarded.

In undertaking a Review, we examine the current job description and level of responsibilities, take into consideration past and current performance reviews, and research market values and industry and sector standards in order to provide a thorough and comprehensive salary review.

Please call to discuss your needs further.

Executive Salary Reviews

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Pinnacle HR offers support in all aspects of Human Resources Management. We can assist organisations in tasks and functions, such as:

  • Performance Development, including Annual Performance Review processes;
  • Induction and Orientation of new employees;
  • Reviewing, revising, updating of policies and procedures;
  • Set up of HR systems, i.e. in a ‘greenfields’ environment;
  • Undertaking audits of current HR systems and practices.

Please call to discuss your needs further.

Human Resource Products

Pinnacle HR has a range of handbook products available for employers. Please select the following for further information: