Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a systematic process of establishing the direction of an organisation.

It provides a framework for looking at the bigger picture to determine where an organisation should prioritise its efforts in order to manage the future.

It involves a situational analysis to identify priorities; reviewing or developing a vision and mission; creating goals, objectives and action plans. A good strategic plan is a guide to making the best decisions for the organisation.

Pinnacle HR provides a number of Strategic Planning Services. These include:
• Facilitating strategic planning workshops and writing plans
• Developing community engagement plans

Strategic Planning

Business Planning

Business Planning

A Business Plan is a plan which provides detail on an organisation’s operations.

It may apply to a new business which needs to detail its operations in order to begin operating or an established business which needs to review its operational activities.

A Business Plan defines the goals and objectives of the organisation; describes its structure; specifies its products and services; the financial resources required; and its staffing requirements.



An amalgamation is a mutual decision by two entities to combine and become one entity.

It is a decision made by two equals for the benefit of both organisations and their stakeholders.

An amalgamation is an opportunity to create more efficient governance, management and administrative processes.

Pinnacle HR can assist organisations with:

  • Key considerations for the process including governance arrangements
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Financial and Legal Considerations
  • Planning and Communication
  • Execution and Evaluation
  • Advising on the transition of employees to the new entity

Workforce Planning & Development

Workforce Planning & Development

Workforce Planning and Development is about meeting the future workforce needs of an organisation.

Whenever there is growth or change within an organisation or its environment, organisations may need to undertake a process of forecasting future staffing needs and creating a workforce to meet those future needs.

It is a planned process to identify the number of employees and the skills required to meet future workforce requirements. 

Change Management

Change Management involves effectively managing the impact of change and growth.

Change can be supported through a planned set of activities which can help determine what actions need to taken to implement successful change.

This may involve an analysis of the organisations situation, strategy, structures, and staff; finding the gaps and developing the best way for individuals and the organisation to transition.

Change Management


Governance incorporates the responsibilities, practices and policies exercised by a board of directors.

The objectives of a board are:

• To provide leadership and direction
• To monitor management of the organisation
• To maintain the viability of the organisation by managing risk, and controlling finances effectively
• To meet legislative requirements


Governance is how a board exercises its authority over an organisation; directs the organisation; and holds the organisation to account.

Pinnacle HR provides a range of Governance Services.

A key Governance Service is Constitutions:

• Writing amendments to constitutions or writing new constitutions for incorporated associations
• Facilitating workshops to review constitutions for incorporated associations

Other Governance Services Include:

• Establishing new organisations – governance structure, organisational structure, legal and financial requirements
• Governance training for boards of organisations under the Associations Incorporation Act
• Risk Management training for Boards
• Financial governance training for Boards
• Defining legislative compliance obligations and establishing systems to comply
• Board evaluations
• CEO performance appraisal on behalf of the Board
• Workshopping and writing Governance policies and codes
• Writing governance manuals
• Specific governance training for chairs and treasurers
• Support with holding general meetings
• Support to manage breaches of legislative compliance
• Assistance to achieve accreditation in the areas of governance

Management Coaching and Mentoring

Executive coaching

Management Coaching and people management for new leaders is an individualised one to one development process to achieve goals.

Organisations are now more complex and coaching is a structured way for managers to define how they need to develop to meet the challenges of the workplace.

It is an individualised leader development activity to build capabilities for meeting organisational goals.